Welcome to faceBlip

A caveat: Don't forget that this is mostly a proof of concept and done on a shoestring. Improvements will come with success.

This is a brief tutorial on how to navigate faceBlip and its features.

You need an email address, a user identification (3 chararacters minimum length) and a password of your choice to register on faceBlip.
First and foremost your password and access password are encoded and there is no way to retrieve them. (A new password will have to be sent and reset).
faceBlip will never reveal your email address, only your user identification can be made public.

The faceBlip main web page is split into two sections.
The left section is for your personal statements, musings, poems... It expresses you. For this, you have three overlapped pages at your disposal.

The right section is for your images. Four are displayed as thumbnails in this section. More can be stored and viewed in the Gallery page.

Buttons assist you in your navigation and radio buttons in selecting action options.
An early tip: invite is how friending requests are made. visit is how friends' faceBlip pages can be viewed.

There are eight buttons on the top left corner: